КАЛЕВАЛА / Kukushkiny Deti (The Cuckoo’s Children)
CDM №:
Original release date (CD-Maximum): 2009
Style: Folk
The second CD of the band Kukushkiny Deti (or The Cuckoo’s Children) continues traditions of the marvelous debut album Kudel' Belosnezhnogo L'na, but at the same time it extends style limits, making the whole material more emotional and musically deep. The album reached the 2nd place in the top albums-2009 according to the readers of the respected Russian metal magazine Dark City. Besides the highlight of the first CD – the lively folk metal energy with the leading accordion, this album presents more sophisticated and experimental composing approach as well as classical hard rock influences and acoustic ballad bridges. And, of course, the unique vocals of Ksenia! Brilliant, expressive and live, telling the magical stories of Finnish epic.
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MetalStorm Webzine review:

Kalevala is a total discovery for me and a really nice surprise. This Russian Folk band only releases its second album this year but already shows that they have a really strong experience and capacity to play good music. Don't expect anything dark here, The Cuckoo's Children is just a jovial Folk Metal album which uses Russian traditional music to create addictive super positive music. With this album, ike with Korpiklaani you'll also have a good excuse to drink and party with Kalevala now!

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Heavymetalcosmos Webzine review:

“The Cuckoo’s Children” is for sure the best album of the band and one of the best in this genre. The production and sound of the album are close to perfection and they have a very fresh and progressive approach to folk metal. Everything sounds very improved from their debut, especially vocals! The compositions are very innovative with many changes and various influences, skillfully blended into their music.

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Russian folk metal act Kalevala’s 2008 debut Kudel' Belosnezhnogo L'na resonated with me so much that I ranked it fourth on my 2008 Top 10. Through their deft ability to craft dynamic and very addictive heavy metal anthems and the sheer authenticity of their songwriting philosophy, Kalevala immediately distinguished themselves from their peers in the folk metal genre, the most consistently overrated collective of bands in metal today.

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  • Kseniya - vocal, lyrics
  • Nikita Andriyanov - guitar, music
  • Aleksandr Oleinikov - accordeon
  • Shmel' - bass
  • Kirill Perov - drums
Tracklist (total time: )
  • Kalevala
  • Kukushkiny deti
  • Gosti talogo snega
  • Plakali verby
  • Kupal'skaya noch'
  • U razbitogo koryta odinokogo kryl'tsa
  • Medunitsy pryanoy bely koster
  • Veter v spinu
  • Pervy posledny zakat
  • Pro zherebtsa (Yaytsa)
  • Kolokol'chik (bonus)

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