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ABORDAJ (heavy metal) was formed in 1997 in Crimea (Ukraine) where did its first steps on rock scene, took part in a few important rock festivals, won a few awards of Krylya festival (Sevastopol).

At the end of 1999 the band started the recording of its debut album, but due to some reasons it was stopped. In the beginning of 2002 ABORDAJ succeeded in recording of 4 songs for its first demo. The demo was passed to the famous Russian guitarist Sergei Mavrin (ex-ARIA, ex-KIPELOV) who also had his radio program Zhelezny Zanaves (Radio Younost) at that time, and the songs were in the air. In 2004 vocalist/guitarist Andrei Mashoshin and keyboardist Denis Botchkarev moved to Russia, St.-Petersburg. They finished to form ABORDAJ’s new line-up in 2006. Very quickly the band got the access to the hearts of Russian metalheads.

In August 2007 ABORDAJ recorded five songs and released another demo. In the first half of 2008 the musicians were working at the material for the first long-length CD which saw the light of day in the autumn of 2008.
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Adsky Shtorm
Cat. №: 2908 | 2008  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal / Power Metal]
The debut album of a young band originally formed in Crimea (Ukraine) and later moved to St.-Petersburg (Russia). In the old cold Russia they didn’t forget Black See attraction and kept their sincerity and genuine energy. ABORDAJ plays the music of the high standards of traditional Russian heavy metal, adding the elements of speed-power-metal, thrash, alternative and even folk. The band is characterized by expressive powerful vocals and high professional level of all the musicians.
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Spokoynaya Zhizn' Ne Dlya Nas
Cat. №: 2988 | 2010  [CD-Maximum][Power Metal]
The second album of the band from St.-Petersburg includes 11 tracks. It represents the stuff composed years ago as well as absolutely new songs. This is a serious professional work concerning the sound, arrangements and the quality of the whole production. You can hear easy recognizable touch of Abordaj, broad sounding "range", beautiful expressive vocals on the album. The band follows the maior trend of today's heavy metal sound approach. The musicians pay a lot of attention to the parts of vocals, back vocals and choir. According to the opinion of the band members, the album resembles a compilation of sound tracks to worldwide famous movies. Andrei Ischenko, renowned Russian drummer (HIERONIMUS BOSCH and many others) became a special guest on this album.
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