ОДДИСС / Molodye Bogi
CDM №:2853
Original release date (CD-Maximum): 2008
Style: Gothic Rock / Heavy Metal
The debut full-length album of Russian band formed in 1999 and headed by the famous Russian actor Pavel Shuvaev. Interesting blend of melodic metal, soft metal and gothic rock with charismatic low voice vocals and epic atmosphere combining and various influences from Metallica to the monsters of Russian rock like Alisa, Kino or Korol’ I Shut.
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“Oddiss offers up is a unique style of epic heavy metal, with a somewhat deep atmosphere, plenty of keys, and some fairly dark moods. Their vocalist, Pavel Shuvaev, has a low voice that fits the band's epic style perfectly. Actually, one band that has popped into my head a few times as a comparison is Sentenced, as their CDs have the same unique and dark feeling. (…) It's a catchy CD that blends the guitar work, keys and vocals”. (

“I would call this music - swift, melodic rock, or I would describe it as hard rock coming into soft metal with keyboards. Their music varies from true gothic to the music similar to that played by non gothic FINNISH bands. (…) What makes this CD to stand out from the current standards is originality. The album is pretty listenable even though the lyrics are in Russian. Tempo varies from fast to mid-tempo”. (, Slovakia)
  • Oleg Mikhailovitch "Sova" Turtyguin (RIP) - guitars
  • Artyom Tyoma Rukavitchkin - guitars
  • Sergei Ryba Karass - bass
  • Vladimir Sabbath Kuibyshev - drums
  • Ksenia Vvedenskaya - keyboards
  • Alexei Hollandets Panov - guitars
  • Pavel Shuvaev - vocals
Tracklist (total time: )
  • Intro
  • Zamok
  • Molodye Bogi
  • Sny
  • Atlantida
  • Otrava
  • Zashchitnik
  • Klin
  • Lyubov' Moya
  • "Enola G"
  • Golos Puti
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