BLACK OBELISK is considered to be one of the first and leading heavy metal bands born in USSR, a band of great authority, the founders of the genre. But this definition is surely not enough. It is even not enough to say that BLACK OBELISK is one of the major names, talking about Russian rock scene on the whole. When were mentioning this name, we remember one of the most important and exciting eras of Russian history, when together with the political and economical changes, a big part of Russian culture which disagreed with the official Soviet ideology before, now went out of the underground and became well known and officially recognized. And one of the secrets of BLACK OBELISK was its mastermind, author of the material and conception, singer and bass player of the band, also arranger, actor and much more Anatoly Krupnov. Died from heart attack in 1997, but thanks to his incredible talent and personal charisma he was and still remains the hero for generations of Russian rockers. The second and the modern era of BLACK OBELISK continues without Anatoly, but by the efforts of experienced professional and talented musicians (most of them are still from the classical line-up) the band is respected and loved by the old and the new generations of fans. We present both periods of glorious BLACK OBELISK history, the old era and the modern one with all the most important albums, re-mixed and re-mastered in 2002.

BLACK OBELISK was originally founded in 1986 by bass guitarist and vocalist Anatoly Krupnov and guitarists Michael Svetlov and Yury Alexeev. The band made several tape albums consisting of live and rehearsal records but split in 1988, when Krupnov joined famous Russian thrash metal act Shah. Re-formed in 1990, Black Obelisk recorded its debut full-length album Stena (Wall) with Anatoly Krupnov (vocals and bass), Vladimir Ermakov (drums), Yury Alexeev and Vassily Biloshitsky (guitars). The album had a huge success and quickly established Black Obelisk as one of the leaders of Russian metal scene. The second album One More Day came out next year and its Russian version Esche Odin Den was released in 1992. Vassily Biloshitsky left the band and was replaced by session guitarist Egor Zhirnov and then by a full-time member Dmitry Borisenkov. In this line-up the band recorded their third classical full-length album Ya Ostayus (Im staying) (1994) and re-recorded some old hits under the titles Stena (1994) and 86-88 (1995). It was the very last effort in classical period of Black Obelisk history. Krupnovs alcohol and drug addiction finally lead to bands collapse in 1996. All musicians left the singer and continued their careers on their own. Krupnov tried to pursue his career as a solo artist but on February 27, 1997 died from heart attack during the recording of his new album (later entitled as Post-Albom).
Two years later Black Obelisk was re-formed by Vladimir Ermakov (drums), Michael Svetlov (guitars), Daniel Zakharenkov (bass), Dmitry Borisenkov (vocals and guitars) and with help of Yury Alexeev (guitars). New albums Pepel (Ashes) (2002), Nervy (Nerves) (2004) and Zeleny Album (Green Album) (2006) once again proved the bands professionalism and originality and started new era in Black Obelisk history.

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Zeleny Al'bom
Cat. : 2421 | 2006  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal]
This experimental work once again proved the professionalism and originality of the band. It turned out to be one of the most outstanding metal releases of 2006, delivering a brilliant combination of innovative elements and classical traditions of Black Obelisk. Contains bonus-track.
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Kogda - Nibyd'
Cat. : 2625 | 2006  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal]
This maxi-single of the legends of Russian rock and heavy metal includes a lot of surprising tracks such as the duet with the leading vocalist of Russian metal scene Valeri KIPELOV (KIPELOV, ex-ARIA), a song with the introduction solo of the super guitarist Michael Angelo Batio, a track recorded together with the band FACTOR STRAHA and re-mix by Lex Plotnikoff (MECHANICAL POET).
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Cat. : 2953 | 2009  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal]
This single of the legends of Russian rock and heavy metal scene includes two new songs (the title track and Vals composition), as well as new version of classical song Iskhod and live version of Proschai I Prosti.
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Stena (1991)
Cat. :  | 1991  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal]
The debut full-length album of Black Obelisk. Before that the band had been releasing much live stuff on compact cassettes, but this one became the first real complete Album. Recorded in the February 1991, it had a huge success and quickly established Black Obelisk as one of the leaders of Russian metal scene.
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One More Day
Cat. :  | 1991  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal]
The only English full-length album of Black Obelisk recorded specially for the international audience. The material was sent to various record labels and managers in USA, but unfortunately the idea didnt work. Later the material was released in Russia on CD. Digitally re-mastered in 2002. The stuff was also re-recorded and released with new Russian lyrics as the album Esche Odin Den.
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Eshche Odin Den'
Cat. :  | 1992  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal]
The material of this album is based on the album One More Day, at that moment yet un-released. Considered as the second album in the discography of the band and the first officially released one on vinyl. (The very first full-length album Stena were issued unofficially on compact cassettes).
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Stena (1994)
Cat. :  | 1994  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal]
During the work at the album Ya ostayus Vladimir Ermakov proposed Krupnov to re-record the material of its debut full-length album Stena album. In the end the special disc consisted of the good old songs appeared. It also included acoustic version of the title track. Recorded with participation of a few guest musicians, members of Brigada S, X-Roads, Va-Bank. Digitally re-mastered in 2002.
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Ya Ostayus'
Cat. :  | 1994  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal]
This work is considered as third classical full-length album of Black Obelisk. The album became a typical example of Russian post-modern culture. The material is very rich with conceptual ideas, brilliant lyrics and the elements of parody. Re-mastered in 2002.
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Cat. :  | 1995  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal]
For this album the band re-recorded some old hits. It was the very last completed work in classical period of Black Obelisk history with Anatoly Krupnov who died in 1997 during the recording sessions of the album later called Post-album. Digitally restored and re-mastered in 2003.
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Cat. :  | 2002  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal]
The first album of re-born Black Obelisk re-formed by Vladimir Ermakov (drums), Michael Svetlov (guitars), Daniel Zakharenkov (bass), Dmitry Borisenkov (vocals and guitars) with the help of Yury Alexeev (guitars). This is very good stuff that keeps the old Black Obelisk spirit. The CD was warmly welcomed by the audience and the mass media in Russia. Black Obelisk wasn't dead, but was just beginning another chapter of its story, which was proven by this album.
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Cat. :  | 2004  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal]
The second album of re-born Black Obelisk. Very good CD in the style of the old Black Obelisk but with heavier sound.
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Pyatnitsa 13
Cat. :  | 2004  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal]
This live record presents the special show devoted to the release of the album Esche Odin Den (1992), the second one of Black Obelisk and the first officially released one, considered to be the most significant album in the classical discography of the band with Anatoly Krupnov. Recorded on 13th of November 1993 in DK Gorbunova (Moscow). The material was digitally restored in 2004 keeping the atmosphere of classical performance of Black Obelisk, one of the best live Russian rock bands ever!
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Cat. :  | 2006  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal]
Live compilation of classical hits of Black Obelisk. It brings us back to the end of legendary 80s when the story was just beginning. The material was digitally re-mastered in 2004 keeping the atmosphere of classical performance of Black Obelisk, one of the best live Russian rock bands ever!
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