country: Russia
formed in: 1981
style: melodic metal / rock

LEGION is one of such bands, which always stays in the first league on Russian heavy metal stage. Every their album attracts a lot of interest of metal audience and metal mass media, they are very demanded in many cities to play live and the secret of their success is very simple! Since the very beginning the band has been easily recognized by the unique vocals of Alexey Bulgakov, very strong, high and clear with good professional technics (no wonder that Alexey was among the candidates to replace Valeri Kipelov in Aria), by great, easy listening and catching melodies and by serious but very accessible lyrics (in Russian) about good, evil, love, hate and belief.

Founded in 1981, LEGION initially included four musicians, led by a charismatic vocalist Alexey Bulgakov. All the young musicians wanted to play new heavy powerful music. They recorded their first album “Bitva” which was self-released on audiotape. After some line up changes they started to play heavier and faster music with sophisticated vocal parts. In 1986 the band recorded its 2nd cassette album “Apocalipsis” which was warmly welcomed by young and underground audience all over USSR. Many tracks from this record became real hits of the band and such songs as Listopad, Armageddon, SOS and Champion are played by LEGION live till nowadays. The second half of 80’s was a real golden era for Soviet metal scene. After “perestroika” had started, rock and metal music went beyond underground limits and the bands got the opportunity to release their albums officially, to give concerts, to play big festivals, to appear in mass media. Thus, in 1986-89 Legion was touring around USSR, playing big stadium shows. Despite of this success, the band split up because a few musicians decided to create their new band to play music, which would be heavier. The original members – the vocalist Alexey Bulgakov and the bassist Oleg Tsarev tried to find equal replacement for them but in 1990 the band was stopped.

After 3 years Bulgakov decided to take Legion back on track. Together with new line-up he recorded the new album «Knights of Cross» with English lyrics published by Russian department of Polygram Rec. The album was rather experimental, mixing the elements of different styles including thrash, progressive, jazz and even rap.

The next step was done in 1997 when Bulgakov and his colleague Alexey Tchernishov re-recorded some old Legion’s hits. Released in 1997, «The best of 1980-87» album got a very good response and the decision to come back seriously appeared in a very natural way. As a result, at the end of 1997 the new studio album “Dai Mne Imya” was recorded and the band returned to high live activities. Since then, the band has been regularly releasing new studio albums and has playing live actively, staying at the vanguard of traditional Russian heavy metal scene.
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Day Mne Imya (Give Me A Name)
Cat. №: 2145 | 2005  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal / Melodic Metal]
Recorded in 1997, the album was originally released in 1999. This is the 3rd album in the history of the band and the first one after the band’s successful come back at the end of 90’s. With this record one of the legends of Soviet metal scene came back on track. This fantasy album has some progressive spirit and jazz rock elements, sophisticated arrangements, complicated guitar solos and style changes along the general heavy melodic metal guiding line. Digitally re-mastered and re-released for the first time on CD in 2005.
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Prorochestvo (Prophecy)
Cat. №: 2143 | 2005  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal / Melodic Metal]
The 5th album of the band is the most powerful and dynamic record over the whole history of the band, recorded in 2001 according to the best traditions of hard'n'heavy of the first half of the glorious 80’s. Outstanding vocals and wonderful guitar solos. Digitally re-mastered and re-released in 2005 with four bonus tracks.
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Stikhiya Ognya (Element Of Fire)
Cat. №: 2142 | 2004  [CD-Maximum][Melodic Metal]
The 7th album of the band presents powerful but at the same time melodic music with beautiful, clear and strong vocal parts. The material is full of keyboards arrangements and solid guitar riffing, interesting solo guitar parts and dynamic rhythmical lines.
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U Okna (At the Window)
Cat. №: 2144 | 2000/2005  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal / Melodic Metal]
The 4th album of the legendary band, another masterpiece from these talented professional musicians. Digitally re-mastered and re-released in 2005 with 3 bonus tracks recorded with an orchestra.
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Mify Drevnosti
Cat. №: 2694 | 2007  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal]
The 8th studio album of the band is a conceptual work inspired by the myths and legends of the Ancient Greece. This work presents heavy and up-to-date sound. The famous voice of Alexey Bulgakov is great as never before. New sound, new level, new step to the throne of Russian heavy metal.
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Nevidimy Voin
Cat. №: 2982 | 2010  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal]
The 9th studio album of renowned Russian melodic metal band LEGION presents 11 songs in the best traditions of the genre, fast powerful tracks as well as the mid-tempo stuff and 3 ballads (recorded with a string quartet AMATISS-BAND). Clear and high vocal lines, beautiful guitar solos and acoustic guitar parts get along with heavy metal riffs. The band also filmed a video for the title track. French producer MIKE MOLENDA was responsible for the sound of this album.
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