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"BALFOR was formed in November 1997 in a small town in eastern Ukraine, as a side project of Thorgeir - vocal/bass/guitar, and guitarist Svart, to play fast, but melodic, Black Metal. The band released their first album “Volki Severa” in 2001, and, following a number of personnel changes, and encouraged by the positive reviews the LP received, Thorgeir decided to concentrate all his energies on BALFOR and develop the band further. Berowar came in on bass and Erland on drums in November 2005 and the three formed the core of what BALFOR was to become.
Defining their music as “Barbaric Black Metal” in tribute to the history of their homeland, BALFOR released their four-track promo “Pure Barbaric” for free download via a net label in 2006; a move that proved to be extremely successful in terms of raising the band’s profile and garnering a substantial following throughout the world. BALFOR’s fan base, and reputation, were further increased by various live and festival appearances.

What is BALFOR today? With the release of the new album “Barbaric Blood”, it is obvious that founder Thorgeir has developed into a charismatic front man who is able to switch from aggressive black, to soaring melodic clean vocals with consummate ease, whilst BALFOR’s effortless ability to cross the melodic/black/death/extreme metal genres draws to them a diverse range of fans. “Barbaric Blood” is definitely one of the defining moments in BALFOR’s career."
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Barbaric Blood
Cat. №: 2993 | 2010  [CD-Maximum][Black Metal]
"Barbaric Blood" is the second studio album of Ukrainian black metal band after a long break. Balfor broke up in 2002 in order to come back three years later with a new line-up. "Barbaric Blood" was recorded in 2009 with one of the best Ukrainian producers and sound engineers Shaddar (Semargl, Provacateur, Khors, Tol). Before the release of this album the band presented a free download demo single in the Internet and received a very good response from the fans and media in Russia, Ukraine and many other countries. In 2010 Balfor participated in the biggest metal event of the former Soviet Union territory GLOBAL EAST ROCK (Kiev, Ukraine), also the band became one of the headliners of Rockmaraton 2010 festival in Hungary.
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