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Kalevala brings good quality folk metal stuff from Russia mixing the power of hard’n’heavy metal guitar sound, masterful accordion parts, solid rhythm section and, of course, the unique vocals of Ksenia (ex-Butterfly Temple, ex-Nevid’). The band offers brilliant and catchy melodies, lively folk metal energy and emotional lyrics.

The history of Kalevala began in 2007, after its founders Ksenia and Nikita left their previous band, Nevid’ due to some difficulties with the mastermind of that act. To create a new band they invited really experienced and skilful musicians and the work started. During the first year of its existence Kalevala achieved very good reputation as a studio and live folk metal act and their shows in Moscow started to get sold-out.

The debut album of Kalevala “Kudel' Belosnezhnogo L'na” was very well accepted and it was supported with a huge tour around Russia. Then the band started to work at the next CD Kukushkiny Deti (The Cuckoo’s Children) released in 2009. In 2010 Kalevala presented a new digital single Tausen'-Rada, a song from the upcoming third album.

The name of the band is connected with the Finnish roots of the vocalist Ksenia and also reflects the main Kalevala’s influences - the music of such bands as Korpiklaani and Finntroll. Though, the musicians respect Russian folk music too. And you can hear all this in their amazing songs!
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Kudel' Belosnezhnogo L'na
Cat. №:  | 2008  [CD-Maximum][Folk]
The debut album of KALEVALA presents a really amazing mixture of cheerful folk tunes, unique Ksenia's (ex-NEVID') singing, skillful solo guitar and accordionparts. This music is full of the lively folk metal energy and true spirit!
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Kukushkiny Deti (The Cuckoo’s Children)
Cat. №:  | 2009  [CD-Maximum][Folk]
The second CD of the band Kukushkiny Deti (or The Cuckoo’s Children) continues traditions of the marvelous debut album Kudel' Belosnezhnogo L'na, but at the same time it extends style limits, making the whole material more emotional and musically deep. The album reached the 2nd place in the top albums-2009 according to the readers of the respected Russian metal magazine Dark City. Besides the highlight of the first CD – the lively folk metal energy with the leading accordion, this album presents more sophisticated and experimental composing approach as well as classical hard rock influences and acoustic ballad bridges. And, of course, the unique vocals of Ksenia! Brilliant, expressive and live, telling the magical stories of Finnish epic.
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Tausen'-Rada (single)
Cat. №:  | 2010  [CD-Maximum][Folk]
This single presents a song from the upcoming album “Ved’ma”.
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Cat. №:  | 2010  [CD-Maximum][Folk]
The 3rd full-length album of the leading Russian pagan folk act Kalevala presents a brilliant and powerful but lyrical material which keeps the spirit and individual touch of the band that we know from its first CDs. With this record Kalevala made a big step forward effectively combining heavy metal guitar riffs with melodic bagpipe parts. At the same time, parts of accordion are really minimized here. The main vocals sound very sincerely, naturally and true without traditional for folk metal rich back vocal parts. Conceptually the album is dedicated to the long and winding Way to Home, one of sacral symbols of traditional culture such as Mother, Birth, Belief... As always, Kalevala presents a great mixture of traditional ancient Russian culture and the modern sound.
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