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The band DOKHODYAGY was founded in 2006 by cult Russian bard KRYS. The band relies on tradition of Russian bardic poetry, author's songs and Russian rock. The musician includes various influences and various feeling in their songs. The band travels a lot playing in any place possible. The main trend of the band is the rockin' acoustic sound with good poetry about our life.
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Dveri Sibiri
Cat. №:  | 2010  [CD-Maximum][Folk]
The name of this album means "The doors to Siberia". This is the main feeling of this record: welcome to the new world through the doors! The album conception is dedicated to the native land of KRYS - Syberia, a huge and still mystical part of Russia. From musical point of view the album presents rockin' acoustic rock with really strong acoustic guitar parts, catching melodies and strong and emotional male vocals.
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