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PUT SOLNTSA (THE PATH OF THE SUN) is one of the first Pagan Thrash bands in Russia formed in 2006 by ex-BUTTERFLY TEMPLE vocalist MirRon. They play real heavy metal with pagan lyrics and the atmosphere of crazy fun! The result of the combination of these two music styles is drive, power and trash.

The band was formed in Troitsk (Moscow region) in 2006 when MirRon (vocals) left his previous band BUTTERFLY TEMPLE and decided to find accomplices to gather a band of his own. The first songs were written pretty soon, and the band started intensive touring while collecting the material for their debut record. They toured with such bands as SLOT, Moray Eel, Butterfly Temple, Rossamahaar, Nevid, Svarga, Tantal, Cryptopsy and many more. The change in the band’s line-up delayed the album release but led to the development of the band’s unique style, step-by-step. The mini-album ‘Moi Sever’ (‘My North’) was recorded in the studio “Mindcrusher Labs” in 2008 with the help of the sound engineer Ruslan Maslennikov (Melancholy). In May 2009 the split ‘Butterfly Effect’ was released with Butterfly Temple, Nevid, Omela. The second album saw the light of day in January under the title “Pobeditel’ Vsegda Ostayetsya Odin” (‘The Winner Is Always The One’). The band constantly gives concerts in rock clubs of Moscow and other Russian cities and gets positive feedback from the audience. The band has one video for the song 'Zabud Menya' (Forget Me).

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Pobeditel' Vsegda Ostaetsya Odin
Cat. №: д1016 | 2010  [CD-Maximum][Pagan / Thrash Metal]
The debut full-length album of one of the first Pagan Thrash bands in Russia formed by ex- BUTTERFLY TEMPLE vocalist MirRon. They play real heavy metal stuff with pagan lyrics and the atmosphere of crazy fun. 13 outstanding compositions tell an exciting story about the life itself. Many big names on Russian metal scene participated in the recording as special guests, such as: Рома Arsafes (Nevid), Natalia Terekhova (Dark Princess), Alexei Strike (ex-Master), Alexander Karpukhin (Master), Samvel SickMan Antashyan (Abnormity) and many others.
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