A legendary Ukrainian band TOK was formed back in 1986. All over its long history the band participated in various festivals and contests, such as: Rock’n’roll Tavritcheski (Ukraine, 1987-1999), Hard Rock Days (Latvia, 1988), Rock Kiev (Ukraine, 2000) sharing the stage with Metallica and many others. In 2000 TOK supported Uriah Heep and Sweet shows in Kiev. In the beginning of 2007 musicians became The Best Ukrainian Hard Rock Band-2006 at Ukrainian Rock Awards.

The first demo records of the band were prepared in 1987-88, but it was not so easy to make a real professional tape at that time. In 1991 TOK recorded better quality demo tape «Leave me, wine & rock’n’roll». In the end the band succeeded to make its first self-released album «Screaming together» in 1994. 1000 copies of this CD were published, and it was the first real record of a hard and heavy rock band in Ukraine. In 1996 the musicians made a new studio effort, but the material of «Alcoholic heaven» never saw the light of day. In 2004 the first official album of TOK “Budu pervym” (I’ll be the first) was released through some Russian record label. And its follow up was out in the beginning of 2010 through CD-Maximum. TOK is a very respected and demanded live band, playind a lot in various cities of Russia and Ukraine, quite often with such headliners of the genre like BLACK OBELISK or CATHARSIS.
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Cat. №: 2958 | 2010  [CD-Maximum][Hard Rock]
The second long-awaited album of Ukrainian hard rock veteran fighters. The Best Ukrainian Hard Rock Band-2006 at Ukrainian Rock Awards and great live performer. The quality of this music is guaranteed by their outstanding experience and a real desire to play!
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