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KRYLIYA is a band from Ukraine formed in 2004. This is another young band, who has chosen to work in the vein of traditions of Russian melodic heavy metal, the genre established in Russia by their elder colleagues ARIA and KIPELOV. In their turn these legends were inspired by classical works of such bands like Iron Maiden or Judas Priest, but added to this genre some touch of Russian musical tradition and musical school. And this zero-risk cocktail helps the young band to get the hearts of the audience all over the territory of former Soviet Union. And the quality of their work matches all the examples of the classics of the genre.

No wonder that the first digital demo album of the guys “Vremya Poshlo” was published on the main website about Russian heavy metal Mastersland and got many positive reviews. The band began to get invited to play on stage of important open air festivals in Ukraine, sometimes as a headliner. After some line-up changes KRYLIYA won the TV contest “Muzykalni Bum” and performed with Russian band number one in power metal genre EPIDEMIA. In the summer of 2008 the band issued self-titled Internet single. And in February 2009 it started the recording of the first full-length album released at the end of 2009 through CD-Maximum.
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V Krayu Poteryannykh Dush
Cat. №: 2956 | 2009  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal]
The debut full-length studio album of the young Ukrainian band playing in the best traditions of the leaders of melodic heavy metal genre ARIA and KIPELOV. KRYLYA has already found its audience releasing its demo in the Internet and playing on stage of important rock festivals. This solid metal material in Russian is notable for the outstanding vocals inspired by the technique of the legendary Russian metal singer Valeri Kipelov. But this is not copying but rather following the best standards of the genre.
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Cat. №: 3001 | 2011  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal]
The second full-length studio album of the young Ukrainian band. In this album the band tried to open their potential as much as possible. The songs in the spirit of canonical metal and melodiс ballads are present here. The album was recorded in the Ukranian studio MORTON together with the musician Il'ya Mamontov from EPIDEMIA.
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