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SABOTAGE (ex-NOVIY ZAVET) is one of the leading bands of Russian classic heavy metal scene. It has already been on stage over 20 years of its great history! No wonder, that the band has its true army of followers in Russia and moreover, in the whole world. This same year, the legendary album of NOVIY ZAVET “Apocalypse” (originally 1994) has been re-released in North America.

NOVIY ZAVET headed by its founder and vocalist Slava Gorbatchev was established at the end of 80’s on basis of the cult act ALEXANDER NEVSKI when the new sensational style – heavy metal – conquered the USSR after the Iron Curtain broke down. Very fast the band became famous all over USSR (yet under the name NOVIY ZAVET). Together with ARIA, MASTER, KRUIZ and other legends, the band started the history of our heavy metal. In various periods of time NOVIY ZAVET included in the line up such great masters of Soviet/Russia heavy rock as Sergei Terentiev (ex-ARIA) and Alexei Strike (ex-MASTER) among others.

Since then, the band have gone through all the changes of our history and of our musical stage. These musicians have always been true to their roots. They released 3 studio albums in the first half of 90’s under the name NOVIY ZAVET. Their second and their heaviest LP “Apocalypse” was even published in a few European countries as well. After a break in 1995-1999 the band came back to their fans with new fresh energy and the new name SABOTAGE.
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Ne. Soblaznay. Nebo.
Cat. №: 2947 | 2009  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal]
The brand new album of one of the most respected good old names on Russian heavy metal scene: SABOTAGE (ex-NOVIY ZAVET). “Ne.Soblaznyai.Nebo” released on 10th of September 2009, is the first LP of the band since 2002. The act headed by its founder and vocalist Slava Gorbatchev got the incredible fame among Russian metalheads still under the previous name NOVIY ZAVET. Changing the title for SABOTAGE in 2000, the musicians came up with the new studio offer “Medniy Byk” in 2002 (re-released in 2004).
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