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KONSTANTIN SELEZNEV is well-known on Russian metal scene as a participant of such important bands as FACTOR STRAHA, TRIZNA and BONY NEM. He is a famous guitarist, songwriter and a colleague and partner of another cult person - KIRILL NEMOLYAEV (BONY NEM). He started his career in mid ’80 with the trash metal band TRIZNA, the peak of the activities of this act was in ’90 including the famous festival near White House in 1991 where the band shared the stage with BLACK OBELISK, E.S.T., MORALNIY KODEKS among others. In 2004 TRIZNA changed its style to modern metal and was re-organized as FACTOR STRAHA. Besides the main activities with his bands, Konstantin writes books and in 2008 he came up with his solo album recorded in an unusual style for this musician – jazz rock. The album was highly appreciated by the listeners and musical critics in Russia.
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Cat. №: 2912 | 2008  [CD-Maximum][Jazz / Progressive Rock]
This solo album of the leader and guitarist of Russian modern metal band FAKTOR STRAHA is very different from the main “job” of this musician in his band. This CD presents outstanding jazz rock, sophisticated and elegant. Seleznev recorded all the instruments himself, produced, arranged and mixed this masterpiece.
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Territoriya X
Cat. №: 3004 | 2011  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal]
The second solo album of Konstantin Seleznev - the leader of the FACTOR STRAHA band. Unlike the first instrumental work this album is song. It consist of dfferent genres: from heavy metal, rock, grunge to trash. The album contains two bonuses - video clips of Factor Straha for the songs "Vyshe sil" and "Noch'" and also selectively stories from humorous collection "Svetoprestavlenie" by K. Seleznev. Also should be added that the album contains one song with the vocal of Il'ya Aleksandrov. This song wasn't included in the last Factor Straha album "Mertvye sny".
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