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Founded in 2004, DIGIMORTAL is considered to be one of the most promising bands on Russian industrial and alternative metal scene. The band’s music combines FX atmospheric sounds, trance leads and heavy guitar riffs influenced by alternative and industrial.

DIGIMORTAL band was founded in the summer of 2004 by singer and FX-maker Serdj and guitarist Rainer Reinhardt to materialize their musical ideas. The band’s songs combine FX atmospheric sounds, trance leads and heavy guitar riffs influenced by alternative and industrial.

By the end of 2006 the band made the first demo EP "Awakening", which had 4 songs of early period - "I'm your enemy", "Belka & Strelka", "Tibet" and "Irreversibility". In December 2006 DIGIMORTAL had their first music video produced for the song "Belka & Strelka". During the spring of 2007 DIGIMORTAL recorded their first album. Jacob Hansen, the well-known European metal producer, agreed to produce the disk. He made himself acquainted with the demos and promised to deliver excellent sound. Finally, this album was named "Irreversibility" and it was released by Moscow-based label "Sound Age Prod." in November 2007.

Meanwhile, DIGIMORTAL goes on with concerts to support the release of "Irreversibility" and in parallel the band is intending to come to a studio soon to have the tracks for their second album recorded. The most evident candidate for sound production is Jacob Hansen. The expected date of the second release is the fall of 2008. The album consists of 9 songs and an outro. The sound of it is a roaring thunder of industrial rigidity and the lyrics cover quite a variety of themes. While listening to "Irreversibility" you make a journey through the pain and sins of a big cities, through the loneliness of outer space, you climb up the mountains of Tibet out of snow abyss. The group takes you to wild savannah to hunt a lioness and to a freak's mansion to watch a strip dancer murder. And that is not the end, check the album out and you'll find much more.

In the beginning of 2008 Digimortal releases the free web single "Strashneye menya" and prepares for the new album release. They take part in big gigs such as RED ALERT in Eupatoria, UNHEILIG support in Moscow, "O2tv" live show and radio program at Ekho Moskvy station.

27th of October 2008 the new album "Kletka Krovi" saw the light at Russian Moscow Metal label CD-MAXIMUM. At the end of 2008 and in the beginning of the year 2009 DIGIMORTAL starts the "Kletka Krovi Tour" in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. It consists of more then 30 cities and DIGIMORTAL is sharing the stage with different bands like KOREA and ORIGAMI from Saint-Petersburg and MELLOWTOY from Milan, Italy. The next year DIGIMORTAL releases its Internet-single “Porokh”.

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Kletka Krovi
Cat. №: 2911 | 2008  [CD-Maximum][Alternative Metal / Industrial]
The second full-length album of industrial alternative metal band from Moscow DIGIMORTAL.
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Parad Mertvykh Planet
Cat. №: 2994 | 2010  [CD-Maximum][Industrial]
The 3rd studio album of one of the leading Russian Industrial Metal bands from Moscow - DIGIMORTAL. This release is a bright and unique combination of the most important aspects of successful material: great musicianship, brilliant and intence vocals, easy recognizable touch of worldwide famous Danish metal producer Jacob Hansen and DIGIMORTAL trademark, from the very beginning of the album until the last note. Here one can hear ерic solos of the stylish analog synthesizer, brutal guitar parts, groovy bass, various vocal lines and energetic drums.
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