SLAVIC SELIN (ex. Arteria)
Slavic Selin is a solo project of the renowned Russian guitarist, composer, sound engineer and sound-producer Vyatcheslav (Slavic) Selin.

Besides solo career, Selin is an active session musician and he participates in many rock, hard and heavy bands and projects as a session studio or live guitarist. In 2005-2008 he was a permanent member of ARTERIA, the band of the former guitarist of ARIA and KIPELOV Sergei Terentiev. Selin took part in such important things as "In Danger" with Anne Lyudvig, Butterfly Temple "Za Solntsem Vsled" (as a sound-producer and engineer), all metal stars project by Margarita Pushkina “Dinastia Posvyatchennikh” and others. The first compositions for his solo album were written as early as 2002, and one of them, called "Reflections" won a few guitar awards. Another instrumental song, "Losing Love" was included in MUZTORG 2005 compilation and appeared in the air of several Russian radio stations. In 2006 he joined the jury of the famous contest for young artists “Vremena Nastali”. In 2008 he finished the recording of the first album of his own project.
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Cat. №: d845 | 2008  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal / Instrumental]
This CD, a solo project of the renowned Russian guitarist, composer, sound engineer and sound producer Vyatcheslav (Slavic) Selin contains 10 instrumental tracks and one bonus with vocals. Together with Selin, a few famous mucicians took part in the recording: Nicolai Korshunov/bass (Krematori, Margenta, Arteria, Butterfly Temple, Gaina etc), Sergei Abramov/percussion (Butterfly Temple), Jonathan Mover/drums (Joe Satriani, Alice Cooper, Shakira, The Tubes), Sergei Seregeev/vocals (Arteria, ex-Shadow Host). The album consists of songs in different styles but united by one mood and conception. Blues, jazz, rock’n’roll, orchestral elements, electronic music and even alternative.
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