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Founded by young guitarist and songwriter Mikhail Bugaev, GRAN KURAZH (ex-Kurazh) began its history in 1999 in Bronnitsy (Moscow region). Since 2000 to 2003 the band was actively taking part in various local musical contests in its home town and got many prizes. After winning the Grand Prix of Pro Rock 2005 festival GRAN KURAZH was recognized as the best rock band of Moscow region and promoters from Moscow started to invite the musicians to play on club stages of the capital of Russia. Very quickly GRAN KURAZH gained the hearts of Moscow metalheads by its energetic and professional life performances, light catchy melodies and the strong vocals of Mikhail Zhytnyakov. In the winter 2006 the band won the nomination Drive (Energy) Of The Year in "R-Club Awards-2005". That same year the debut album “Vetchnaya Igra” saw the light. At the end of the August 2007 in the famous studio Gigant Records the musicians started the recording of the second album, then the work continued in the renowned Black Obelisk studio. In the spring of 2008 the band signed the contract with CD-Maximum for the release of the second album “Novoy Nadezhdy Svet”. The new CD was very warmly welcomed by the press and the audience for its professional and very sincere material.
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Novoy Nadezhdy Svet
Cat. №: 2865 | 2008  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal / Power Metal]
The second album of the band from Moscow region that gained the hearts of many Russian metalheads. The CD offers traditional material in the vein of Russian heavy and melodic metal school.
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