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AlisA has stormed onto the Soviet “youth music” scene in the first half of ’80, at the time of serious changes in political and economical life, of the fall of Iron Curtain and “perestroika”. Established in Saint-Petersburg (former Leningrad), the hub of the all non-conformist cultural activities at the time, the band and its multi-talented charismatic front-man Konstantin Kinchev became the symbols of changes, of liberty. Since the beginning, the band combines in its music the elements of punk rock, new wave, hard rock, blues, good old rock’n’roll and other musical styles with the strong sincere lyrics by Kinchev.

The first album Energia sold 1 million copies in USSR at that time. Since then, every studio record, every big live show of the band is important event on the former Soviet/actual Russian scene. Without any doubt, AlisA is the Number One band on Russian rock scene, involving different generations of listeners, active and open-minded people. The band has played many times outside Russia, in USA, Great Britain, Israel, Serbia and more.

In his songs, Kinchev himself often uses the images and terms referring to travel as the means of discovering the truth, strengthening the faith, finding the purpose, understanding others, testing oneself and gaining so much in the process. Every turn in the difficult post-Soviet history of Russia, every step on the twisting road out of the darkness of civil and class wars, economic ruin, human suffering, near loss of national identity and dignity, and most tragically persecution of the true faith has been reflected by Alisa in the rich and diverse legacy of one excellent album after another. AlisA’s road too has not been an easy one. Persecution by authorities and lies in the press, self-destructive drug and alcohol abuse, untimely loss of band members and close friends, difficult search for the true faith – all tested the strength and resolve of Kinchev and his band. The main qualities which Kinchev and his Alisa undeniably possessed from day one, which appealed so much to their audience and equally enraged their enemies have been total sincerity and honesty. The themes, the mood, the style of AlisA’s albums have never been the same but they are all underpinned by the triad of unrelenting Faith, everlasting Hope and eternal Love combined with Kinchev’s and his cohorts’ God-given talents, strong will, generosity of spirit, pain for Russia and respect towards their audience. Having never followed the trends of the day Alisa has always been one of the most popular and relevant bands in Russia.

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Cat. №: 2774 | 2008  [CD-Maximum][Rock]
This band is not simply about music, but represents a whole era of Russian culture and Russian history. Released in the year of 25th anniversary of AlisA and 50th anniversary of its front-man and mastermind Konstantin Kintchev, it contains 12 songs of high quality Russian rock with elements of different styles like metal, punk, blues and others with catchy melodies and philosophical lyrics (in Russian). Mixed and mastered in Germany (Cologne and Duesseldorf) by sound producer Jam who worked at the albums of such artists as U.D.O., PARADISE LOST, RAMMSTEIN among others.
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