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OLEG MISHIN (MISSION) is the famous Russian multi-instrumentalist, the graduate of the legendary Gnessin Russian Academy of Music (flute, piano and musical theory) and currently a member and the main composer of one of the most important metal bands on Russian metal scene CATHARSIS. After finishing the Academy, Oleg was excited by the metal music, that made him add the guitar to his passions and professional skills. In 1994 he joined the band “End Zone” as a multi-instrumentalist and composer. In 1996 he was recognized as the best guitarist of the year. In 1996-1998 he was also working with the band «Specter» (guitars, flute and composing). In 2000 Oleg participated in “Modem” project, which supported the gigs of such international stars as HIM and U.D.O. In 2003 Mishin was invited in CATHARSIS (the best heavy metal band in Russia according to RAMP-2006 musical contest results), and he recorded with this band all its important CDs. Oleg became the main composer and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, flute, keyboards). In 2006 Mishin started to learn vocals with a conservatory professor. At the same time the idea to record a solo album appeared. The work was finished in September 2007 and soon the CD saw the light of day through Russian label CD-Maximum.

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Cat. №: 2742/d | 2007  [CD-Maximum][Melodic Metal]
Solo album of the respected Russian multi-instrumentalist and composer, Gnessin Russian Academy of Music graduate OLEG MISHIN (ex-End Zone, CATHARSIS). On this CD Oleg appeared as a producer, author of the material, arranger, instrumentalist and a vocalist, he recorded vocals, backing vocals, solo guitar, acoustic guitar, flute and keyboards. Two bonus tracks recorded specially for digibook edition. Ivan Izotov, bass (EPIDEMIA, MECHANICAL POET), Aleksei Barzilovitch (ex-ARTERIA, ex-CATHARSIS), drums, Kirill Nozdrin, rhythm guitar helped Oleg to fulfill his ideas. Cover artwork done by the famous artist Leo Khao (also Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Aria, Mavrin among others).
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Cat. №: 3002 | 2011  [CD-Maximum][Melodic Metal]
The new solo work of the Russian multi-instrumentalist and composer OLEG MISHIN (Catharsis, ex-End Zone). The new EP includes absolutely new five compositions. At this album is present not only the full palette of classic heavy genre, but also the new folk sounding: catchy tunes, different vocals, live chorus, flute solo, virtuostic guitar passages, arrangements with almost all symphonic instruments (stringed, wooden and copper wind instruments, percussion).
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