HELLRAISER is considered to be the legend of Soviet/Russian thrash metal. At in the beginning of 90’s the band recorded two legendary albums with English lyrics (the first LP sold over 1 million of copies on the territory of USSR), and before taking a break at the end of 90’s played many shows in its native country (like Monsters of Rock of USSR), in Europe and in USA.

The official birthday of HELLRAISER is 16th of November 1989, when the band played its first concert (in Moscow region). Very soon the band made the first tour abroad, in former Yugoslavia. Coming back, HELLRAISER started the recording sessions for the first studio album "We'll bury you!". The LP was released in the summer of 1990 through Melody, the only record label on the whole USSR territory and sold over 1.000.000 copies. The band started its huge national tour supporting the release and was invited to many important legendary rock festivals at that time like Monsters of Rock in USSR, Zhelezni March '90, '91 among others. In 1992 HELLRAISER came to United States, playing in rock clubs in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The second studio masterpiece "No Brain, No Pain" was recorded in 1994 in Moscow and became even stronger than its predecessor. After the recording of the album "03" (the first one in Russian) in 1997 the band stopped for many years. But not forever! In 2006-2007 one of the founders of the band Alexander Lvov (Sam, lead vocals and guitars) announced the comeback of HELLRAISER. It was decided to change the style to modern metal.
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We'll Bury You!
Cat. №: 2703 | 2007  [CD-Maximum][Thrash Metal]
The re-issue of the debut HELLRAISER album. The original LP was released in the summer of 1990 through Melody, the only record label on the whole USSR territory and sold over 1.000.000 of copies. In 2007 this material was re-released on CD, digitally re-mastered and supplemented with a bonus track.
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No Brain No Pain
Cat. №: 2704 | 2007  [CD-Maximum][Thrash Metal]
The re-issue of the second studio album of the legends of Russian thrash metal. Originally released in 1994, "No Brain, No Pain" became even stronger than its predecessor concerning both musical material and the technics of playing. The compact disc re-issue includes digitally re-mastered material.
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