MARGENTA is a project of Margarita Pushkina, the most renowned and respected poet on Russian metal scene. She wrote the lyrics for all the most famous songs of the kings of Russian heavy metal ARIA, MASTER, KIPELOV, MAVRIN, for many well-known compositions of Soviet and Russian rock artists like the hit of the end of 80’s Zamikaya Krug, she is an author of several books and the editor of cult rock magazine «Zabriskie Rider». No wonder that for her own musical projects Margarita has an opportunity to gather the best team possible. Thus, she invites many important guest musicians to record the albums of her band MARGENTA including ambitious series Dinastiya Posvyashchennykh. This outstanding project by Pushkina doesn’t have any analogue on Russian rock scene. It’s a kind of rock opera, which represents great sophisticated and experimental music, fantastic lyrics and outstanding participants.
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Dinastiya Posvyashchennikh
Cat. №: 2709/d | 2007  [CD-Maximum][Gothic Metal / Heavy Metal]
The second part of the ambitious project by Margarita Pushkina. If the first part was created together with MASTER’s musicians, for this album Margarita invited ARTERIA’s guitarist Sergei Terentiev (ex-ARIA, ex-KIPELOV), he recorded all the main guitar parts and came up as a sound producer. To create music for her brilliant philosophical lyrics Margarita invited Sergei Skripnicov (NOVI ZAVET, TIME OUT). He carefully explored the standards of classical gothic music of XII-XV centuries to get the inspiration, together with modern gothic compositions as well. Many Russian rock starts were invited to record vocals and instrumental parts, such as Anatoli Aleshin (ARAKS, STYER, ALESHIN), Kirill Nemolyaev (BONI NEM), Segrei SERGEEV (ARTERIA), and for sure the current and the former vocalists of ARIA: Artur BERKUT and Valeri KIPELOV. They recorded the duo for the song Nikto available in special digibook edition and here.
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Po Tu Storonu Sna (On the Other Side Of Dream)
Cat. №: 2521/d | 2006  [CD-Maximum][Experimental Metal]
The first part of the special grandiose project created together with MARGENTA, the band founded by poetess Margarita Pushkina. She is the author of most of the lyrics of such bands as ARIA and KIPELOV, the cult figure on former Soviet / present Russian heavy metal scene. This experimental metal masterpiece includes elements of various styles such as nu metal, progressive, art rock, jazz, punk, psychedelic, gothic, folk, classical music, for sure, on the solid hard rock and heavy metal base. Besides MASTER and MARGENTA musicians, a few heavy metal stars from other Russian bands participated in the recording.
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Neytralizator Mrachnosti
Cat. №: 2945 | 2009  [CD-Maximum][Experimental Metal]
The album is created by famous Russian rock poet Margarita Pushkina and composer, keyboardist and vocalist Gennadi Matveev. Many important names on Russian metal scene helped this duo to record the disc such as: Lexx (MASTER, vocals), Artyom Styrov (ex-MAVRICK/Sergey MAVRIN, vocals), Yuri Zabello (MAFIA, vocals), bluesman Alexei Agranovski, Alik Granovski (MASTER, bass), Andrei Smirnov (MASTER, EVERLOST, guitars) among others. Also there’s a unique opportunity to hear the voice of Margarita on this CD. This interesting album presents great high quality musical stuff, where the famous musicians assumed unusual roles.
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Deti Savonaroly
Cat. №: династия | 2009  [CD-Maximum][Experimental Metal]
The last album of the trilogy Dinastiya Posvyashchennykh, the ambitious project of ARIA and KIPELOV lyricist, the famous Russian poet Margarita Pushkina. As always, MARGENTA presents experimental and intellectual but easy-to-listen material recorded with a great number of Russian metal stars. The style of this album is described as «Sympho-Twilight Metal». The conception is based on the story of an ancient monk and reformer Girolamo Savonarola commited to the fire in 1498. The project remains unmatched on ex-Soviet metal scene due to its line-up, which includes many famous names: Dmitri Borisenkov (BLACK OBELISK), Artyom Styrov (MAVRIN), Andrei Lefler (ex-MAVRIN), Sergei Sergeev (ex-ARTERIA), Mikhail Seryshev (ex-MASTER), Sergey MAVRIN, Janna KIPELOVA and many others. The legendary MASTER bassist Alik Granovski participated in the project as the sound consultant.
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Tsvetok Mayorana
Cat. №: 2675 | 2010  [CD-Maximum][Hard Rock / Heavy Metal]
A single of Margenta - Dinastiya Posvyashchennykh, a project established by famous Russian rock poet Margarita Pushkina. Three new songs are united by beautiful melodies and fantastic performance and don’t bring any special concept or story. Just wonderful music played by super professionals of the genre, and sung by various brilliant vocalists, male and female. As always, Margarita invited excellent musicians, real stars of Russian metal scene and participants of the previous parts of Dinastiya Posvyashchennykh saga, such as Mikhail Zhitnyakov (vocalist of Gran-Kurazh), female singer Milasa, ARIA’s legendary bassist Vitali Dubinin (in this project in a quite unusual role of a vocalist), Alexei Khabarov (guitarist and vocalist of Deti Labirinta), Sergei Terentyev (guitarist of ARTERIA, ex-ARIA, ex-KIPELOV) and female vocalist Glossy (GlossyTeria).
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