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OLVY is a young band, but this name is already quite famous and respected among Russian metalheads thanks to its sincere professional and talented power metal stuff with Russian lyrics. One of the secrets of this band are the vocals of renowned Russian singer Andy Vortex, also ARIDA VORTEX frontman and participant of the famous Russian metal opera Elfijskaya Rukopis (Elven Manuscript) by EPIDEMIA. Also one can emphasize the really serious approach of the musicians to the composing and the recording of the material. Creating its stuff OLVY cooperates with such important persons in the metal music like the famous poet Margarita Pushkina, the sound producers and engineers Sergey Terentev (ARTERIA, ex-ARIA, ex-KIPELOV), Max Samosvat (at Dreamport studio/Moscow, also EPIDEMIAs frontman) and Goran Finnberg (Sweden, he worked with In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Soilwork, Arch Enemy) among others. Besides playing a lot of club shows, OLVY also was one of the participants of the big Russian rock festival Emmaus.

OLVY band started its history at the end of 2001 by two young metalheads Tim Scherbakov (guitars) and Alexand Rasin (guitars, vocal). Soon the band completed its line-up with the bass-player Den Kabanov and the drummer Yuri Zabelnikov and composed several songs, which were performed for the first time in May 2002. After a short time 7 songs were completely arranged and recorded at the Moscow R-Sound studio. The ex-guitarist of the most famous Russian heavy metal bands ARIA and KIPELOV (currently ARTERIAs leader) Sergey Terentyev together with Tim Scherbakov made all the sound producing and mixing. The album was finished in September 2002. It was released under the name Ostupitsya (To take a false step). In 2003-2004 OLVY played a lot of live gigs, participated in several radio heavy metal oriented programs and changed its line-up the new bassist Andrey Sergeev and the new guitarist Sergey Dolbnev came aboard.

The renewed band started to work at new material. Some lyrics for the new songs were written by a well known rock poet Margarita Pushkina. But during the work at the new album the band faced the problem of finding a new frontman, because the previous vocalist Alexander Rasin had left OLVY. In 2004 the band recorded 10 tracks for the new album and at the same time continued searching for a new vocalist.

And in 2005 Andrey AndyVortex Lobashev (the frontman of respected power metal band ARIDA VORTEX and one of the participants of the first Russian metal opera Elfijskaya Rukopis (Elven Manuscript) by EPIDEMIA) joined OLVY and by the end of 2005 all vocal tracks were done. The band left the R-Sound studio and continued mixing this album at the Dreamport studio with Max Samosvat (EPIDEMIA). There it was decided to re-record several instrumental tracks and make some re-arrangements to achieve more powerful and interesting sound. In the summer of 2006 the album was finished and OLVY appeared at the big Russian open-air festival Emmaus with new songs and renewed lineup. Soon the contract with the record label CD-Maximum was signed and the new album Tma I Svet (Darkness and Light) was released.

In 2007 the band worked at new material for a new album. The new bass player Ilya Yegorychev (THE MORNING SIDE, CHRONICA, Ex-SHADOW HOST, Ex-SYMBOL, Ex-MENTAL HOME, Ex-E-ZONE) joined OLVY. The new album Poslednee Nebo (The Last Sky) was recorded in late 2007-2008 at the Dreamport studio with Max Samosvat as the sound producer. The mastering was made by the famous sound-engineer Goran Finnberg (Sweden). During the work on this album the drummer Yuri Zabelnikov left OLVY and was replaced by the young talented drummer Denis Zolotov. The second CD was released in March2009.

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