EVERLOST is one of the most promising Russian heavy metal bands. Despite of the young age, these musicians are very skillful, professional and ambitious. They have already released 3 studio albums. The musicians themselves call their original style "core'n'roll". It can be described as energetic and heavy yet melodic music, flavored with electronic arrangements. EVERLOST is a participant of big rock and heavy metal events. In 2004 they supported the tour of Polish monsters VADER around Russia and Belarus. The guitarist and the vocalist of EVERLOST Andrey Smirnov is an active participator and a guest musician of various important projects and albums on Russian metal scene. He took part in the famous Russian metal opera Elfijskaya Rukopis’ (Elven Manuscript) by EPIDEMIA, recorded guest guitar parts for the albums of such bands like MARGENTA (feat. Margarita Pushkina), OLVY. In the past Andrey also took part in another young respected band SHADOW HOST. Since 2008 Smirnov is a member of legendary ex-Soviet/Russian heavy metal band MASTER. Andrey Smirnov and the bassist of EVERLOST Segrey Volkov are endorsers of the well known guitar brand ESP.

EVERLOST was formed in April 2001 by two guitarists - Andrey Smirnov and Pavel Chernobay. After some time of rehearsing together, a few songs for a promo record were almost finished and they decided to complete the line-up. Soon, the vocalist Dmitry Antonov and the bassist Sergey Volkov (also the author of all the lyrics) joined the band. EVERLOST's first promo CD Suicidal Instincts was welcomed both by the fans and the critics. In the spring of 2003 Dmitry Antonov left the band due to some personal reasons. It was decided to pass vocalist's duties to Andrey Smirnov. At the same time Everlost also gained the drummer Sergey Serebrennikov. Thus, at the end of 2002 the band's line-up was finally completed. Everlost started to perform in Moscow clubs supporting various famous bands and prepared a new material at the same time. Their up-to-date stuff absorbed the elements of different styles of heavy music, such as sympho-black, doom and even power metal. In the autumn of 2003 Everlost finished the recording of their debut album Bitterness Of The Triumph. At the end of 2003 Everlost signed a contract with the label Soyuz Music and on March 27, 2004 their first album was released. Shortly after that, the band participated in the tour Battles In The East of famous Polish death metal monsters VADER. The work at the second album started on the 3rd of January 2006 at Dreamport Studio with the help of respected sound engineers Maxim Savosvat (also EPIDEMIA’s frontman) and Tom Tokmakov (ex-Mechanical Poet). As a result, 12 expressive and extraordinary tracks were done. The second album was called Noise Factory. The new album was out on the 30th of October 2006, thanks to CD-Maximum, one of the most popular Russian heavy labels. Unfortunately, after releasing the third album Eklectika, the founder and the guitarist of Everlost Pavel Chernobay tragically died in 2009. But the band decided not to give up and to continue its work.

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Noise Factory
Cat. №: 2581 | 2006  [CD-Maximum][Death Metal / Melodic Metal]
Despite of the young age, these musicians are very skillful, professional and ambitious. They call their original style "core'n'roll".
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