Alexey Strike is one of the most respected guitarists on Russian metal scene. This guitar hero took part in such cult bands as MOSKOVSKOE VREMYA, SABOTAZH, for a long period of time he participated in one of the most famous Russian thrash heavy metal bands, MASTER and recorded a few important studio and live albums and special compilations with them. Alexey Strike is also respected for his solo career.

After having played in various bands and projects as a bandmember or a session musician, in mid 90’s he formed a special hard’n’roll project STRIKE. The band released two studio albums before the guitarist was invited to join one of the most important metal bands in Russia MASTER at the end of 2000. Being in MASTER Alexey didn’t give up his solo career and recorded two CDs. Alexey left MASTER in 2008. His 3rd solo album “Rozhdenni pod znakom Ognya” was released in the beginning of 2009.

Alexey Strike is famous not only as a guitarist and a composer, he also does vocal parts for his solo records and produces albums of various Russian metal artists. He has organized and produces young girls’ metal band Volnaya Staya.
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Vremya Polnoy Luny
Cat. №: 2417 | 2006  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal / Melodic Metal]
The third solo CD of the guitar virtuoso presents a great mixture of exciting heavy drive and great melodies. Many special guests took part in the recording: Maxim Samosvat (EPIDEMIA’s vocalist), Artyom Styrov (ex-Sergey MAVRIN) and the colleagues from MASTER such as Lexx (the current vocalist), Mikhail Serishev (the ex-vocalist) and Alik Granovski (the bassist and guru).
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Antologiya V Lirike
Cat. №: 2561 | 2006  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal]
This special solo CD of the guitar virtuoso Alexey Strike presents golden collection of the best ballads of the musician created during his entire career. Many of the songs are previously un-released.
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Rozhdenny Pod Znakom Ognya
Cat. №: 2930 | 2009  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal]
The fifth solo album of the guitar hero. It has rougher and more aggressive guitar sound in comparison with the first solo records.
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Cat. №: 2851 | 2009  [CD-Maximum][Hard Rock]
The debut album of the first solo-project of the guitar hero Alexey Strike. Originally recorded in «Aria Records» studio and released in 1996. Co-produced and engineered by Sergei Terent'ev (ARTERIA,ex-ARIA,ex-KIPELOV).
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Cat. №: 2852 | 2009  [CD-Maximum][Hard Rock]
The 2nd album of the first solo-project of the guitar hero Alexey Strike. This classical and frank hard’n’roll is charged with positive and cheerful energy. Originally recorded in «Aria Records» studio and released in 1997.
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