KIPELOV proved to be the top popular Russian heavy metal project nowadays. Formed at the end of 2002 around the metal singer Number One on former USSR metal scene Valeri Kipelov, the band immediately attracted the huge ARIA fans army and got many new followers. Valeri Kipelov became famous in USSR in the second half of 80s as ARIAa front man as well as due to his unique vocals abilities with good educational vocal background. He still attracts his old audience of metalheads from 80s and youngsters. As a live band KIPELOV is highly demanded around all Russia, and such countries as Ukraine, Belarus, Israel and some others. The band permanently stays the object of big interest of rock and major mass media, it gets many awards established by media and Russian record industry. New KIPELOVs hit songs always occupy the tops of the charts of big national radio stations like NASCHE radio. KIPELOV, both the band and the singer himself, are a real model of heavy music and heavy vocals at the modern Russian metal stage. Many bands copy their musical approach and the singing style over the years. Theres nothing to be proved. All is totally clear Valeri Kipelov and his professional team keep the metal music on the top of the culture in Russia and CIS countries.

The band was started in September 2002 , when some ARIAs musicians such as the vocalist Valeri KIPELOV, the guitarist Sergei TERENTIEV and the drummer Aleksandr MANYAKIN decided to establish their own project. As the name of their new act they chose the surname of the front man KIPELOV due to the fact that it was not only of a name but a real cult symbol, a true legend among Russian metalheads. To complete the line-up of the band they invited another former ARIA member, the guitarist Sergei MAVRIN and the bass player from Sergeis own project MAVRICK Alexei Kharkov.

Since the beginning the band has been very demanded on stage and really acclaimed by the major part of Russian metalheads and the army of ARIAs fans. The first studio work was the single Vavilon, released in 2004. Then Sergei Terentiev decided to leave KIPELOV to form his own band ARTERIA. Soon he was replaced by Andrei Golovanov.

In the autumn 2004 the band made the first video clip for the song Vavilon and hit MTV charts. KIPELOV won "Russian Music Awards" by MTV Russia as The best rock-project in 2004. The band were touring Russia and some other countries with lots of success, but at the end of the tour Sergei Marvrin decided to leave KIPELOV to concentrate on his own band. In the meantime KIPELOV started the recording of its first full-length album Reki Vremen. To do some guitar parts and to participate in the forthcoming tour KIPELOV invited the respected guitarist of the German metal legend RAGE, former USSR-musician Victor SMOLSKI.

In the spring of 2005 KIPELOV presented a new live program which included new and classical Arias songs. The tour around Russia, Belarus and Ukraine was finished in May 2005 by the grandiose shows in St-Petersburg and Moscow. The performance in Moscow was professionally recorded and released next year on DVD and CD under the name Moscow 2005.

At the beginning of 2006 the band invited Vyatcheslav Moltchanov as a second guitarist (the band finished its cooperation with Victor Smolski by that time) and started a new expanded tour in September 2006. The new video Ne seitchas occupied leading positions in MTV Russia and A1 TV Russia charts. In 2007 KIPELOV re-released its successful debut Reki Vremyon re-mixed and re-mastered with some guitars solos re-recorded.
That same year Valeri Kipelov won the prestigious Russian RAMP Award in Gods of Rock nomination and KIPELOV got the special prize for The Best Live Show in 2007 on the Record-2007 ceremony by Russian Musical Industry Awards founded by information agency InterMedia supporting Moscow government. The band is touring actively and at the end of 2008 they started to compose news material for their second full-length album.

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Reki Vremen
Cat. : 2358 | 2005  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal]
Debut long-length album of the band. Recorded with a very special guest Victor Smolski (RAGE guitarist). Mixed and mastered in Germany (Gernhart Studio).
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Moskva '2005
Cat. : 2586 | 2006  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal / Melodic Metal]
The second live album of the band. Recorded in Luzhniki Sport Hall on 28th of May 2005 with the very special guest Victor Smolski (RAGE guitarist). There are all the hits of KIPELOV like Ya Svoboden, Vavilon, Ya Zdes and others.
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