EPIDEMIA is considered to be the first serious power metal act in Russia and the leader of the genre on Russian metal scene. The music of the band is inspired and influenced by such metal trendsetters like Helloween, Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, Iron Maiden et cetera. In their lyrical conception (in Russian) the band follows the fantasy theme in the spirit of J.R.R. Tolkien and other well-known writers of this genre. EPIDEMIA is the author of the first and the most famous Russian metal opera Elfijskaya Rukopis recorded by all-stars line-up, participants of the biggest rock festivals in Russia like Krylia and Nashestvie, the finalist of the contest MTV EMA-2002.

The Number One Russian Power Metal band Epidemia was formed in 1995. The musicians recorded a demo and the first EP Volya K Zhizni ("Will To Live") was released soon, in 1998. In 1999 band issued the first long-length album Na Krayu Vremeni ("On The Edge of Time"), followed by the CD Zagadka Volshebnoi Strany ("The Quest of the Magic Country") released in 2001.

2002 brought to Epidemia international recognition when the band entered Top-5 of MTV EMA and the band members were invited to Barcelona to the ceremony of this famous award. Also the band did some special performance with ALICE COOPER on MTV.

In 2004 Epidemia released the first Russian Metal Opera Elfijskaya Rukopis (Elven Manuscript), recorded in Aria Records Studio. Many famous Russian metal singers took part in this project: Artur Berkut (Aria), Kirill Nemolyaev (Boney Nem), Dmitry Borisenkov (Black Obelisk), Andrey Lobashev (Arida Vortex) & many others. The main character was played by Epidemias vocalist, Max Samosvat. Vladimir Holstinin, the renowned Russian guitarist and one of the leaders and founders of ARIA produced this album. Also he played the mandoline in one of the songs. 11 songs tell us about the adventures of the magician half-elf Dezmond and about his struggle aganist the evil. The project was presented live on February, 13th at a festival in Luzhniki Sport Hall attended by more than 6000 people. The song called Proidi Svoi Put (Pass Your Way) entered the charts of Nashe Radio (main Russian Rock radio). Then the band participated in the biggest Russian rock festivals Krylia and Nashestvie.

In 2005 Epidemia recorded the long-length album Zhizn V Sumerkah (Livin In Twilight) that consisted of the best songs from the early career of the band. The songs were chosen by fans voting on official band website. They were re-arranged and re-recorded.

In December 2005 the band celebrated its 10-th anniversary with a big 3-hour show in DK Gorbunova. 2 DVDs were recorded during this outstanding show. The material was released in 2006 through CD-Maximum record label.
The next step of Epidemias career was the recording of the second and the final part of the famous Russian metal opera: Elfijskaya Rukopis: Skazanie Na Vse Vremena (Elven Manuscript: Saga For All Times). Album was recorded and mixed in one of the best studios in Moscow Dreamport and mastered by Minerva Pappi at Finnvox Studios (Finland). Album cover and booklet design made by Jan Yrlund. The CD was released in 2007 through CD-Maximum. In the autumn 2009 the band was invited to USA to play a few shows.

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Zhizn` V Sumerkakh
Cat. : 2198 | 2005  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal / Power Metal]
The best songs over the early career of the band from the albums Volya K Zhizni, Na Krayu Vremeni, Zagadka Volshebnoi Strany. (The first two albums werent released on CD at all).
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El`fiyskaya Rukopis`: Skazanie Na Vse Vremena
Cat. : 2746/d | 2007  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal / Power Metal]
The second and the final part of the famous Russian metal opera: El`fiyskaya Rukopis`: Skazanie Na Vse Vremena (Elven Manuscript: Saga For All Times) became a real highlight on Russian metal scene.
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Doroga Domoy
Cat. :  | 2010  [CD-Maximum][Power Metal]
The 7th album of the leader of Russian power metal scene. The music of the band is inspired and influenced by such metal trendsetters like Helloween, Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, Iron Maiden etc. This CD was released on the eve of 15-year Anniversary of Epidemia. It offers 13 compositions or a more-than-70 minute journey into a special world full of beautiful melodies and heavy guitar riffs.
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