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ARDA is one of the best acts in the new generation of Russian metal bands. They are authors of albums and singles which took their proper place in the hearts of Russian metalheads, they are participants of big open air rock festivals like Nashestvie, they don’t stop in their quest, they always move forward, day by day, from one record to another. ARDA is well-recognized by the voice of its charismatic singer Pavel Okunev and solid well coordinated instrumental parts, impressive live performances all over the territory of Russia.

Modern melodic metal band ARDA was established in 2002 (Moscow) by former vocalist of EPIDEMIA Pavel Okunev. In February the band prepared its first demo and made its radio debut in the air of Dreamkeeper program on Ekho Moskvy radiostation. In the autumn 2003 ARDA already signed a record deal with CD-Maximum label and released its debut full-length album “O Skitaniyakh Vechnikh I o Zemle”.

The band was recognized as the Rookie of the year (2004) by readers of the leading metal print magazine Dark City, has got Metal Olympic 2004 award in the nomination Breakthrough Of the Year and performed on the stage of cult big rock venue DK Gorbunova. In the autumn 2005 ARDA released the single Ekzortsist and presented it in the air of Radio Rossii with nation-wide coverage. The band visited more than 10 cities and finished the tour in Luzhniki Sport Hall sharing the stage with other Russian metal stars. In 2006-2007 the band played many shows and performed at big summer open air festivals such as Emmaus, Slava Rossii and Nashestvie.

The second full-length album “More Ischezayushchikh vremen” (2007) started a new direction of ARDA’s creative work. The band subtly changed its classic melodic metal to sound more modern and heavy. This solution positively affected the live activity of the band: in 2008 they played at big festivals like Nashestvie, Slava Rossii in Orel, Smolensk, Ivanovo, Moscow, made tours around various regions of Russia and played headliner shows in Moscow and St.-Petersburg. In May 2009 ARDA recorded its first internet-single “V Nebo” with guest apperance of Shura, Russian pop idol of the end of 90’s.

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O Skitaniyakh Vechnykh I O Zemle
Cat. №: 1718 | 2004  [CD-Maximum][Power Metal]
The debut album of the band, which established ARDA as the most promising young metal act on Russian scene at that time. Outstanding vocals, virtuoso guitar parts and well coordinated rhythm section, in short: music in the best traditions of the genre. Guest guitars by Yuri Melisov (Epidemia) on the track Krylataya T’ma.
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Cat. №: 2373 | 2005  [CD-Maximum][Power Metal]
This single demonstrates the ability of this young band to move forward and develop itself. This is the same melodic metal with high clear vocals but even more energetic, romantic and up-to-date.
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More Ischezayushchikh Vremen
Cat. №: 2712/d | 2007  [CD-Maximum][Melodic Metal]
The long awaited second full-length album of ARDA was highly acclaimed. This material justified all the expectations. It started a new direction of ARDA’s creative work.
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