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Progressive Metal, Symphonic Metal, Experimental Metal

Formed in Moscow in 2002, now Mechanical Poet is considered to be the most important Russian post-prog metal act (in the past the band played symphonic progressive metal stuff). They have never tried to follow the trends and the fashion. They have always been breaking the rules mixing the elements of different styles like heavy metal, progressive metal, alternative, punk, hardcore, gothic and symphonic music. The band creates experimental but easy-listening stuff with original orchestral and electronic arrangements. All the albums have their original conception, the lyrics are written in English. The band led by its mastermind Lex Plotnikoff changes its line-up from album to album, always adding the fresh blood and it gives more opportunities to create this outstanding music.

Mechanical Poet was founded in 2002 by the former members of Russian vanguard act Glazemaker Lex Plotnikoff, Tom Tokmakoff and Sebastian Trifonoff and at first it was only a studio project. For a few years the musicians were trying to create their original sound, a mixture between melodic metal with progressive metal riffs and symphonic metal orchestrations using electronic instruments. In 2003 Sebastian Trifonoff left the band and soon he was replaced by EPIDEMIAs frontman Max Samosvat. With the new singer the band released its first EP, Handmade Essence and soon Mechanical Poet received several offers from various companies. Finally the record deal with Italian label Aural Music was signed. The debut album Woodland Prattlers was released in 2004 by Aural Music (and later by CD-Maximum in Russia and CIS). Although the album was selling good, the union of Plotnikoff, Tokmakoff and Samosvat split up in 2005 due to artistic disagreements.

The real story of Mechanical Poet as a regular band started when the guitar player Lex Plotnikoff met the drummer Vladimir Ermakoff (also the old cult Russian rock metal band BLACK OBELISK) in 2006. The singer Jerry Lenin (ex-Tarakany, Ladys Man) and the bass player Sergei Khlebnikoff joined them soon. With this line-up the band ceased to be only a studio project and started to make their live shows. This line-up released the third album Creepy Tales For Freaky Children (with Epidemias bass player Ivan Izotov). The album became simpler from the arrangements point of view but was more of post-prog sound. After the release of the album, Sergei Khlebnikov left Mechanical Poet.

In 2007 the band released another concept album Who Did It To Michelle Waters?. A double album was telling a story about a suicide of a girl and the circumstances that led her to do that. The bass session player on the album was Daniil Zacharenkov (also a member of Black Obelisk).
In 2008 the band presented its new vocalist Vladimir Nasonoff. The next concept album Eidoline: the Arrakeen Code based on Frank Herberts Dune Universe soon was released. That same year Mechanical Poet released the maxi-single Ghouls.
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Creepy Tales For Freaky Children
Cat. : 2648/d | 2007  [CD-Maximum][Experimental Metal / Progressive Metal]
This is a kind of musical book with weird, scary and funny stories. This conceptual album presents a really innovative and true approach to creative work. This CD represents the new era in the history of the band. It was a studio project before, and now, changing the line-up, it turned into a real band. The drummer Vladimir Ermakoff (from the old cult Russian rock metal band BLACK OBELISK) joined the founder, the mastermind and the guitar player of Mechanical Poet Lex Plotnikoff. They invited the new singer Jerry Lenin (ex-Tarakany, Ladys Man) and the bass player Sergei Khlebnikoff. Also the bass player of Epidemia band Ivan Izotov helped to record this album as a guest musician. Recorded in the famous Russian studios Black Obelisk and Dreamport.
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Who Did It To Michelle Waters?
Cat. : 2739/2740/d | 2007  [CD-Maximum][Experimental Metal]
The logical successor of Creepy Tales For Freaky Children album, another experimental masterpiece and a real example of an innovative and true approach to creative work. It was recorded with the same vocalist Jerry Lenin, as its predecessor, but the bass guitar parts were played by a new musician: the session bassist Daniil Zacharenkov (the colleague of the drummer Vladimir Ermakoff in Black Obelisk). Recorded in the famous Russian studio Black Obelisk. Digibook version contained a bonus CD with special original symphonic soundtrack (10 tracks), this stuff is also available here.
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Eidoline: The Arrakeen Code
Cat. : 2917 | 2008  [CD-Maximum][Alternative Metal / Progressive Metal]
Another concept studio album of the band based on the Dune book series by Frank Herbert. Recorded in the legendary Black Obelisk studio with new vocalist Vladimir Nasonoff. The album presents very strong post prog metal futuristic stuff with philosophical lyrics. This music is a little bit simpler concerning the amount of styles mixed by the musicians, its still intellectual but maybe more concentrated stuff.
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Cat. : 2929 | 2008  [CD-Maximum][Alternative Metal]
This maxi-single of the band presents the experimental stuff, which couldnt be included in any other album of the band. The release includes two totally new songs, live version of a song from the debut album, new version of a song from the previous album brutally re-arranged, and an ass-kicking cover to the song of FAITH NO MORE Star A.D.
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Handmade Essence (EP)
Cat. : 2146/2148 | 2004  [CD-Maximum][Progressive Metal / Symphonic Metal]
The debut record of the band, its first EP. With this material Mechanical Poet got its first record deal, with Italian label Aural Music and then with Russian label CD-Maximum. At that time the band played more symphonic progressive material. These songs join a lot of various styles from heavy metal to gothic. Recorded with EPIDEMIAs frontman Max Samosvat, it became one of the best and diverse examples of the singing of this renowned vocalist.
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