A very promising young Russian metal band HATECRAFT presents technical and melodic death metal stuff in the best traditions of Carcass with the energy of Soilwork. Despite of the influences these uncompromising metalheads keep their own identity, the incredible mixture of atmospheric and aggressive sound. Hatecraft sings in English combining clear vocals and growling. Hatecraft is very demanded live, the guys play at various metal festivals and headline tours. They supported Russian shows of such monsters of metal as Destruction and Soilwork.

Hatecraft was formed in 2001 in Moscow region by several musicians: Alexander "Stepan" Stepashkin (bass, vocal), Alexander Kharavin (guitar) and Victor Drujinin (drums). After two months of rehearsing they got their first studio experience recording their 3-song demo. Then Victor was replaced by Boris "HyperBoryan" Oreshkin. The newcomer helped to get the inspiration to prepare actively a concert program and new material. By that time Hatecraft also got a huge creative & material support from their new friend Uri Klochkov who became "the engine" of the band. In February 2002 the studio recording of 5-song 24-minute demo "Rebellious Heart" began. In May 2003 after a few important line-up changes the band began the recording of its debut studio album. The process went on until the end of April of 2004 because of some circumstances beyond the band's control. In May 2004 Hatecraft signed a contract with one of the most important independent labels in Russia CD-Maximum, through which they released their debut and second albums.

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Finally Free
Cat. №: 1978 | 2004  [CD-Maximum][Death Metal]
After the debut album release, the band was recognized as the best melodic death metal band in Russia by reviewers of one of the most popular webzines in this country, MusicaMustdie. Eight compositions, great technical and melodic death metal stuff in the best traditions of Carcass with the energy of Soilwork.
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Lost Consolation
Cat. №: 2395 | 2005  [CD-Maximum][Death Metal / Melodic Metal]
The second studio album of this promising melodic metal band made its position on Russian metal scene really stronger. Working at this stuff the band focused more attention on the quality of the recording.
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