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ARIDA VORTEX is one of the most respected old school power metal bands in Russia. They released two studio albums with the lyrics in English. The band is one of the most active heavy metal acts playing live. Besides doing many club shows, ARIDA VORTEX is also an active participant of metal and rock festivals, conventions and cover parties. In 2008 the band performed on stage of the most important rock festival in Russia Nashestvie. The band is famous for its high quality stuff in classical Helloween spirit, for the great musicianship and the strong clear professional vocals “a la” Michael Kiske of Andy Vortex (also OLVY’s frontman and one of the participants of the first Russian metal opera Elfiyskaya Rukopis’ (Elven Manuscript) by EPIDEMIA).

ARIDA VORTEX was originally established in 1997 under the name VORTEX by the brothers-guitarists Roman and Ivan Guryevs. Since the beginning the band has chosen as its true weapon European power speed metal without compromises and with the motto "NO KEYBOARDS". Having formed the stable line-up, in 2001 the band recorded its first demo, which become quite famous among metalheads due to the Internet. That same year the band took part in the tribute to the leaders of Russian metal stage ARIA, and the interest to the new band seriously increased. Changing the name to "ARIDA VORTEX", the band prepared the material for its debut album EVIL SORCERY, released in the spring of 2003 through СD-Maximum and recognized as one of the best metal albums of the year. The band started to tour around Russia and even abroad actively. After some line up changes, in 2004 ARIDA VORTEX began working at the second long-length album, simultaneously with the live activities. The most famous show of the band in that era was the performance at the open air festival near the White House (Russian Parliament) in Moscow. "FLAMES OF SUNSET" was released in May 2006 through СD-Maximum. Now the band is doing its live shows and is working at the stuff for the next studio album. The front man of ARIDA VORTEX also takes part in another young but very respected Russian power metal band – OLVY.

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Evil Sorcery
Cat. №: 1344 | 2003  [CD-Maximum][Power Metal]
The debut album of the band from Moscow presents good old school speed power metal in the best traditions of Kai Hansen and classical Helloween of the end of 80’s.
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Flames Of Sunset
Cat. №: 2517 | 2006  [CD-Maximum][Power Metal]
The second album of the band from Moscow presents good old school speed power metal in the best traditions of Kai Hansen and classical Helloween of the end of 80’s. The material became more mature and better quality, some songs are more sophisticated and less straightforward in comparison with the first album. Contains Russian bonus-track Prizrak Zerkala.
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