BLACK OBELISKAndrey SmirnovSymfomania
DIGIMORTAL / Parad Mertvykh Planet
CDM №:2994
Original release date (CD-Maximum): 2010
Style: Industrial
The 3rd studio album of one of the leading Russian Industrial Metal bands from Moscow - DIGIMORTAL. This release is a bright and unique combination of the most important aspects of successful material: great musicianship, brilliant and intence vocals, easy recognizable touch of worldwide famous Danish metal producer Jacob Hansen and DIGIMORTAL trademark, from the very beginning of the album until the last note. Here one can hear ерic solos of the stylish analog synthesizer, brutal guitar parts, groovy bass, various vocal lines and energetic drums.
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Parade of Dead Planets is a dramatic and sincere album which combines catchy hits, soulful ballads, vitality and abstraction, allegory and dialectics. It's a complex canvas of emotions and expression, which is embroidered in gold with words about values and vices, passions and problems that perpetually shake the world of man. This is the music that you can't just hear, you need to really listen to it and its lyrics, which penetrate to the heart.
  • SERDJ - vocals, keyboards, bass
  • DIME - guitars
  • NEIL - guitars
  • BORDO – drums
Tracklist (total time: )
  • Parad mertvykh planet (intro)
  • Tvoey nadezhdy mig
  • Kain
  • Angely molchat
  • Kassiopeya-A
  • Ruiny
  • Tri kilobayta
  • Klon
  • Sledy na peske
  • Porokh
  • Milliardy mertvykh dush
  • Kassiopeya (koda)
mp3Парад мертвых планет (intro).mp3
mp3Tvoey nadezhdy mig.mp3
mp3Angely molchat.mp3
mp3Tri kilobayta.mp3
mp3Sledy na peske.mp3
mp3Milliardy mertvykh dush.mp3
mp3Kassiopeya (koda).mp3

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