BLACK OBELISKAndrey SmirnovМаврин
СЕРГЕЙ МАВРИН / Moya Svoboda
CDM №:2987/d
Original release date (CD-Maximum): 2010
Style: Heavy Metal
This is a full-length album of the band formed by Sergei Marvin (Mavrick), the first one since "Otkrovenie" released in 2006. Mavrin is one of the most renowned and respected guitar players on Russian heavy metal scene. First, he was a member of classical line-ups of such major Russian metal acts as ARIA and KIPELOV. Then Sergei Mavrin decided to establish his own band. This material follows the tradition of Mavrin's most successful CD "Zapreshchennaya Real'nost' (2004). The legendary Russian metal singer, Artyom Styrov came back to Mavrin's band exactly befote the musicians started to compose this material. Artyom was at the roots of the band recording lead vocal parts for such significant CDs as Khimichesky Son, Zapreshchennaya Real'nost', Obratnaya Storona Real'nosti. The famous Russian Gnesins Academy's graduate, Artyom is a great experienced frontman, having high clear professional vocals with his own peculiarities which mark Styrov out of the great mass of his colleagues. This album presents many superb songs, from heavy metal killer tracks with exciting melodies, to beatiful mid-tempo compositions and romantic ballads.
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  • Artyom Styrov - vocals
  • Leonid Maksimov - bass
  • Dmitry Zavidov - drums
  • Yuri Alekseev - rhythm guitar
  • Sergei Mavrin - solo, rhythm guitars, keyboards, vocals (9)
  • Guest musician:
  • Anna Balashova - vocal (9)
Tracklist (total time: )
  • Rozhdeniya
  • Moe vremya
  • Moya svoboda
  • Dusha
  • Novy den'
  • Moe nebo
  • Padshaya zvezda
  • Final
  • Show time
  • Utoli moi pechali
mp3Moe vremya.mp3
mp3Moya svoboda.mp3
mp3Novy den'.mp3
mp3Moe nebo.mp3
mp3Padshaya zvezda.mp3
mp3Show time.mp3
mp3Utoli moi pechali.mp3

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