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СЕРГЕЙ МАВРИН / Zapreshchennaya Real'nost'
CDM №:
Original release date (CD-Maximum): 2004
Style: Heavy Metal
The 4th and the most successful album in the solo career of renowned Russian guitarist Sergei Mavrin (ex-Aria, ex-Kipelov). Three years passed after the remarkable release of the previous studio offer ‘Khimitcheski Son’, and that period of time was full of activities including Mavrin’s participation in KIPELOV, the band established by former ARIA’s singer Valeri Kipelov. Valeri and Sergei worked together in Aria, then Kipelov took part in the first of Mavrin’s solo experiences and in his turn Sergei supported the first steps of KIPELOV band. No wonder that after all these years on the top level of Russian metal scene Mavrin and his colleagues presented a real heavy metal masterpiece, of a high degree of perfection and virtuosity regarding playing and recording. Diverse material, full of allusions to the various folk traditions, oriental and Russian, and to the classical music, on true heavy metal base in the spirit of classical Aria’s stuff. It was recorded with outstanding singer Artyom Styrov, bass player Alexei Kharkov (Kipelov), guitarist Yuri Alekseev (ex-Black Obelisk) and new drummer Pavel Elkind.
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  • Artyom Styrov – vocals
  • Yuri Alekseev – rhythm-guitars
  • Alexei Kharkov – bass, contrabass
  • Pavel Elkind – drums
  • Sergei Mavrin – guitars, keyboards
Tracklist (total time: )
  • Poka Bogi Spyat
  • Dyavol'sky Val's
  • Padshy
  • Doroga V Ray
  • Svet. T'ma
  • Dobro. Zlo
  • Kto My?
  • Tayushchy Mir
  • Zapreshchennaya Real'nost'
  • Rozhdennye Zhit'
  • Vse

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