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The second formation of legendary Soviet band KRUIZ headed by guitarist, composer, singer and producer Valeri Gaina. The album “Kruiz-1” sold by 12.000.000 copies made the band the leader of heavy metal scene in USSR in mid-80’s. KRUIZ is the first Soviet/Russian heavy metal act recorded their album abroad and made regular tour in Europe. Despite of the fact that the band stopped in 1989, they are still familiar to the old and the new generations of listeners. All CDs of Gaina’s KRUIZ, digitally re-mastered were re-released in 2007-2008 by CD-Maximum with bonus tracks, as well as some rare and unreleased stuff and solo albums of Valeri Gaina.

KRUIZ was established in 1981. The first line up of the band recorded 4 albums, played a lot of shows including the biggest national rock-festival Rock-Panorama but their popularity didn’t get over the borders of Soviet Union. All changed in 1985 after the first KRUIZ had broken-up and the guitarist of the band Valeri Gaina started the new era for this name. Together with newcomers Sergei Efimov (drums) and Fedor Vasiliev (bass) KRUIZ began to open its new horizons with the start of “perestroika” in USSR and with the new style heavy metal in a fashion. Thus, KRUIZ became one of the main participants of this “wind of change”.

The first album with the new line-up “Kruiz-1” was recorded in 1986. The sound of the band became really heavier and more up-to-date in comparison with its predecessor. Released in 1987 by the only official Soviet musical label “Melody” on vinyl, it was sold by 12.000.000 copies. Thus, KRUIZ became the leader of new Soviet heavy metal stage.

No wonder that on the next year the band was singed by German label "WEA", and the next studio offer of KRUIZ was recorded in Germany (with the lyrics in English). Album release was supported by tour around West Germany, the first international tour for any rock band from USSR.

At the end of 1989 KRUIZ recorded new material for the album "Culture Shock". Unfortunately, this release didn’t see the light of day at that time. Moreover, coming back to Moscow KRUIZ made the great stadium show and then broke up. "Culture Shock" was finally released in 2008 through CD-Maximum. Since that the interest to the band has stayed alive over these years among the old and new audience, all the records of the second KRUIZ formation headed by Valeri Gaina was re-released on CDs in 2007 by CD-Maximum (Russia) including rare and unreleased stuff.
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Cat. №: 2706 | 2007  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal]
This debut LP of the second generation of Soviet legend KRUIZ headed by guitarist Valeri Gaina released in USSR (on vinyl) in 1986 was sold by 12.000.000 millions copies around its home country. It was the first breakthrough of heavy metal music to the mass audience in conservative Soviet Union right after the Iron Curtain was broken. The album was re-released in 2007 for the first time on CD, totally digitally re-mastered and supplemented by 7 bonus tracks. All this stuff including bonus tracks is available here now!
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Cat. №: 2707 | 2007  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal]
The 2d studio album of the second formation of Soviet legend KRUIZ headed by guitarist Valeri Gaina. After the outstanding national success of the first LP “Kruiz-1” the band signed a label deal with German company "WEA". “Kruiz” (also famous as “Kruiz-WEA”) recorded its debut album in English in Germany at the renowned studio Red Line. Released in 1989 and distributed by "Warner Brothers", “Kruiz” became a real and the first breakthrough of Soviet heavy metal act worldwide. The album was re-released on the CD through CD-Maximum, digitally re-mastered and supplemented by 2 bonus tracks. All this stuff including bonus tracks is available here now!
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Culture Shock ALS
Cat. №: 2916 | 2008  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal]
Previously un-released album of Soviet legend KRUIZ headed by guitarist Valeri Gaina. The record was done at the end of 1989 in Germany for the European label WEA but due to some reasons the material wasn’t published at that time. The last album recorded by KRUIZ within its actual career was finally released on CD in 2008 through CD-Maximum. Solid and unique sound of the stuff recorded by talented and professional musicians, previously un-released became a real surprise for all the metalheads, in general and for KRUIZ fans, in particular.
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Snova tvoy
Cat. №: 2705 | 2007  [CD-Maximum][Alternative Metal / Heavy Metal]
Guitarist, composer, singer, producer Valeri Gaina is famous not only within the borders of Russia and other former USSR countries, but in the whole world, mainly as a mastermind of the second formation of KRUIZ, the leader of Soviet heavy metal stage in mid-80’s and the first metal band from USSR/Russia to make the breakthrough to the international rock scene.
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S kem ty igraesh I poesh?
Cat. №: 2915 | 2008  [CD-Maximum][Alternative Metal]
The second solo offer of guitarist, composer, singer, producer Valeri Gaina.
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