BLACK OBELISKAndrey SmirnovМаврин
GAINA / Snova tvoy
CDM №:2705
Original release date (CD-Maximum): 2007
Style: Alternative Metal / Heavy Metal
Guitarist, composer, singer, producer Valeri Gaina is famous not only within the borders of Russia and other former USSR countries, but in the whole world, mainly as a mastermind of the second formation of KRUIZ, the leader of Soviet heavy metal stage in mid-80’s and the first metal band from USSR/Russia to make the breakthrough to the international rock scene.
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After KRUIZ stopped its activity in 1990, the musician moved to Los Angeles, USR where started his solo career recording albums and soundtracks for TV, producing various bands. Recorded in 2006, this CD brings 16 tracks (including bonuses) of easy listening alternative rock with the good old familiar energetic guitar parts and catchy melodies.
  • Valeriy Gaina - vocal, guitar, bass
  • Sergey Firsov - bass
  • Greg Stevens - drums
Tracklist (total time: )
    mp3Veter moy, veter!.mp3
    mp3Pust' tebe budet zhal'.mp3
    mp3Snova tvoy.mp3
    mp3Vremeni rekha.mp3
    mp3Vozmi pechal' I bol' s soboy.mp3
    mp3Mne s toboy ne vzletet'.mp3
    mp3Mily angel.mp3
    mp3Ya ne znal.mp3
    mp3Ya ushol (Zvenyashchy son).mp3
    mp3Mne ne khvataet slov.mp3
    mp3Pust' tebe budet zhal' (bonus instr.).mp3
    mp3Khogda (bonus mixed by Louis Nitro Maniac).mp3

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