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Bogdanov YuryBogdanov Yury
General Director
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Marina ArtiushenkovaMarina Artiushenkova
Chief Accountant
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Maria KondrashevaMaria Kondrasheva
Foreign Relations Manager
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Bogdanova MargaritaBogdanova Margarita
Sales manager
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Gayazov DmitriyGayazov Dmitriy
A & R Manager
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Ganin YuriGanin Yuri
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Svetlana ZhokhovaSvetlana Zhokhova
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CD-Maximum LLC

CD-Maximum LTD is one of the top Russian Record Labels engaged in licensing the disks of foreign artists in the territory of Russia, CIS (GUS) and Baltic States. Our main office is situated in Moscow and our catalogue consists of more than 400 positions licensed from different European labels. We also deal with Record Labels from some other countries, such as the USA, Australia, Brazil and Taiwan. Our label’s main interest is licensing the broadest genre rate from Hard Rock to Metal Music (all kinds of them). Among the artists we released in our licensed territory there are Edguy, Avantaisa, Tankard (under exclusive license of AFM Records), Royal Hunt, Andre Anderson (under exclusive label deal with Frontiers Records), Candlemass (licensed from GMR Music Group), Ian Gillan Band, Krokus (Angel Air LTD), Rough Silk, Scanner, Skyclad, Pretty Maids (Massacre Records), Penumbra, Mayhem (major label deal with Season Of Mist), Lithium (directly from Johnny Hagel), to mention a few. For the moment we are working with CD only, but we are also preparing the market for licensed VHS and DVD, as we strongly believe in new technologies.


Our company strictly follows the rules of international and Russian copyright and neighbour laws. All the correspondent mechanical royalty payments (for the licensed products) are made for the Russian Author Society and the Russian offices of Warner/Chapell, Unversal and EMI. We are very concerned about our obligations, so every 6 months all our partners get the royalty statements containing detailed sales amounts. All the pressing plants we work with are the members of IFPI, so we can guarantee the safety of our products at the moment of manufacturing.


1. Everybody knows, that Russia’s problem is the CD-piracy. CD-Maximum is one of the companies which are doing their best to stop these illegal activities in our territory referring to our licensed catalogue. There were not many cases our product was bootlegged, and each time we managed to take the bootleg versions away from the market.

2. Many European and International companies fear the unauthorized exports (when the licensed disks appear outside the licensed territory), as our prices are much lower than in Europe or in the USA (Unfortunately, the level of life in Russia and CIS is too low, and people can not afford the CDs at world price rate). Our licensed disks can not be exported outside the licensed territory, as in all the agreements with our dealers and distributors there is a special close – the prohibition of the exports.

3. We keep all the correspondent C&P notices both on CDs and on the booklets. Moreover, each CD and each back-cover have a special notice in English: THIS CD MUST NOT BE SOLD OUTSIDE RUSSIA, CIS and BALTIC STATES – as additional protection from unauthorized exports.


1. Our first press is always not less than 1000 disks for every album. For super-positions (like the new Edguy albums) it can be even more – up to 3000 disks. The disks are re-pressed as soon as the first press is sold out. All quality standards are strongly followed and guaranteed by the fact all our pressing plants are IFPI members. The quality of our releases’ sound is identical to the original disks.

2. We are very proud of our packaging quality: the many-pages booklets and inlays are always printed on best paper and always have supreme quality. Moreover, we have a special surprise for our customers: we release the disks in jewel-boxes with slim-cases around them. In the inner part of these slims we give different information: artist’s bio, reviews, descriptions. In the case we release many disks from the catalogue of our partner, we give there a short catalogue (this is extremely important if we take up many positions from the back-catalogue). The idea of slim-cases makes our products recognizable for the customers.


As the Russian, CIS and Baltic market is a very young one, we have three main distribution systems:

1. Dealers agreements. We have a huge network of capital and regional dealers. That means that we have about 800 dealers’ agreements for the whole territory of Russia, CIS and Baltic states. The disks are delivered to a huge quantity of capital and local shops and are also sold at special CD-markets.

2. Distribution agreements. We work with four major distribution networks in our territory: Soyuz, Titanic, Purpurny Legion and Agarta (the last one is a huge siberian distributor).

3. Internet-shop is our main Internet distribution partner in our licensed territory. According to the RU-net TOP-shop charts, it is on 10 – 15th place between ALL the Russian music e-shops and the best Hard & Heavy music e-shop in our territory. Due to this fact we are also keeping the partnership with almost all Hard & Heavy Russian Record Labels and distributing their licensed products through Moreover, is an unique e-shop for our territory and we are happy to have all our own catalogue available for our territory through Internet there.

In order to increase the sales of our licensed products, we regularly release printed booklets with catalogues. They are distributed by shops, distribution networks and e-shops free of charge.


Our promotion department works hard in order to promote our licensed artists and releases by all possible medias. We have a huge list of promotion possibilities, and here are some of them:

- Long-term co-operation with correspondent magazines: Dark City, Rock City, Play, Classic Rock (Russian Edition), In Rock, Rockor, Terroraiser, Metal Music Magazine, Painkiller, Alive, Rock Region…

- Long-term co-operation with correspondent www-resources:,, and to mention a few.

- Co-operation with correspondent FM-radio stations, the most important are Massa Brutto Radio (Belorussia) and Ultra “Za graniu” ("Out Of", Russia).

- All the aforementioned medias get our promo-disks regularly, so reviews to our disks appear in every issue of the magazines, and absolutely all our releases are presented in the Russian web-resources.

- We assist all the medias in interviewiewing our artists. Moreover, our promo-department works hard to give our customers as many information as possible through available magazines and web-sites: so we help them with interviews, photos, bios, etc.

- Regular advertising of our upcoming releases is one of the principles of our company (full-page for priorities, half page for each licensed catalogue guaranteed).

- Together with royalty statements our partners get thick packages with the copies of the reviews their artists received in our territory. It crucially important for us to inform our partners about our promotion work.


Our web-site is an important tool in our business. The new version of the site was launched about two months ago and it was mastered by one of the leading Russian web-mastering agencies. It is made according to the latest graphic and technical experiences in modern web-design.

It is divided into two parts: Russian and English. The first one is made for the convenience of our customers (complete catalogue, information about each of the releases, powerful search engine, special section for artists’ bios, active guestbook, dealers’ and distributors’ information, links to our partners’ and friends’ sites and much more, new releases mailing list, etc.).

The English part was made specially for our current and potential partners. There you can find the review marks if each of our releases which was reviewed in correspondent medias, our release schedule, our catalogue and the list of our partners. We are absolutely honest in our business, so we try to give all available information in the web-site.

Please note that for the moment is under construction yet, so not all the information was passed to it from the older version (particularly the back-catalogue). Anyway, we are doing our best to complete it as quickly as possible.

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