ATRA MUSTUM / Black Autumn
CDM №:1717
Original release date (CD-Maximum): 2004
Style: Black Metal / Death Metal
The rising star of Russian brutal scene, Sympho Black Death Metal band, presents the debut album.
The band was formed at August 30th, 2000, on the remains of pagan black metal band “Ashen Light”. The name of the band means “Black Autumn” (Latin). Some changes in line-up, several concerts, and finally the debut album. It fits the name – it’s the embodiment of gloominess and darkness. Twilight covers all around, and the beautiful lyrics in Russian charm. Sadness, blood, death, war, and again death… This is perfectly written and recorded sympho-black metal by brilliant musicians. Elements of death metal made the music more varied, interesting and brutal. All the real metalheads will like 8 tracks of the album. The band has already proved its skill on the concerts, and the time to listen to the studio work has come. Stylish artwork is the ideal form of the content – it ideally fits this music… mortally beautiful music!
  • Adradox - drums, percussion
  • Gmur - guitars
  • Niyan - keys
  • Visionary - guitars
  • Wsegard - vocals, bass
Tracklist (total time: 42:33)
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